Stanly County Public Library

About SCPL

The Albemarle Woman’s Club began a library in 1915 that was presented to the town of Albemarle in 1916. It became the Stanly County Public Library on July 1, 1927, and was housed in the Albemarle Hotel. In 1939, the library was moved to a new county building adjacent to the courthouse. The library now consists of a main library, four branch libraries, extension services provided by a library van, and a web site for electronic access to library resources.

The library has been a department of Stanly County Government since 1975 and is governed by the Board of Commissioners. The Library Board of Trustees is an advisory board appointed by the Commissioners to represent various geographical areas of the county. In addition, there is an active Friends of the Library organization which provides volunteers, funds and support for library activities.

The Friends of the Stanly County Public Library was formed in 1992 as a non-profit organization to provide support for the Stanly County Public Library. Friends promote public support and use of the library, inform members and the public of issues affecting the library, assist the library in increasing literacy in Stanly County, and sponsor special events such as author events and workshops, two book sales per year and library programs such as the Children’s Summer Reading Program and the Adult Reading Program.

Library’s Vision for Stanly County

Stanly County embraces change, enjoys on-going economic prosperity, and is the home of knowledgeable and engaged people who enjoy a lifetime of personal and professional enrichment.

Library Mission Statement

To deliver a high rate of return on public and private investment by:

  1. Providing a Wide Array of Knowledge Resources
  2. Promoting the Joy of Reading
  3. Encouraging Life-Long Learning
  4. Serving as a Center for Community Interaction

Thereby measurably contributing to the economy of Stanly County and the lives of its people.