Stanly County Public Library

Drive-Through Book Sale

The Friends of the Stanly Co. Public Library will have a drive-through book sale on Saturday Jan. 30, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Book lovers can drive up to the front of the library and safely pick up pre-packaged bags of books for $5.00 a bag. Books need to be pre-ordered online by Jan. 28th.  Each bag will contain 8 books ( a mix of hardbacks and large softcovers). Books may be discards or donated but all in good condition. Children’s books will be available in limited quantities.Customers can buy as many adult bags as they want.  To pre-order your books please visit

Genres Available:

  • Mystery 
  • General Fiction 
  • Inspirational Fiction
  • Classics
  • Cookbooks
  • History
  • Biography
  • Self-Help
  • DIY/Home Improvement
  • Crafts
  • Religion
  • Young Adult (limited quantities)
  • Children’s – chapter books (limited quantities)
  • Children’s picture books (limited quantities)
  • Children’s non-fiction (limited quantities)
  • Mass market -fiction paperbacks
  • Mass-market Romance paperbacks

Locations and Hours

Please click on branch to see hours and telephone number.